3D Jurassic Dinosaur Egg Cake

3D dinosaur egg cake

Having a Jurassic dinosaur themed party coming up? Learn how to make your very own awesome 3D Dinosaur Egg Cake using our step-by-step tutorial!

3D dinosaur egg cake

Making the Sculpted Egg Cake

We stacked four 6" round cakes and topped it off with a hemispherical cake. We got the hemispherical shape using the Wilton ball pan but if you don't have one, you can always bake an additional 6" cake and carve down to create a more pronounced slope. If you're interested, we bought ours from amazon here: 

Here's a detailed look at how we stacked, filled (with peanut butter and chocolate buttercream), and applied the crumb coat: 

3D dinosaur egg tutorial
Before placing the 4th and hemispherical cake layer, we added a support system (3 dowels) to make sure the cake would not collapse. 

We then covered the cake with white fondant (cake will be bumpy but it's perfect for a dinosaur egg) and dusted it with cocoa powder. Use ganache instead of buttercream if you would like to get a smooth finish! 

Making the Dinosaur's Face & Claw

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

3D dinosaur egg cake

1.  Roll out grey fondant in the shape of a rough circle about 8cm wide. 

2. Roll a ball of black fondant for the pupil and place it on the grey fondant. 

3. Create eye lids for the dinosaur's eye by rolling thin grey sausage rolls and placing one above and one below the black pupil. Use your fingers or a balling tool to blend out the ridges created by the   eyelids to achieve a seamless finish. Add a small ball of red fondant to the inner corner of the eye.

4. Create texture on the skin by using the openings of piping tips. We used a wilton #2 and #4 for our dinosaur.

5. Attach the dinosaur's face onto the egg and use white fondant to conceal the edges of the grey fondant. This creates the illusion of the dinosaur hatching!

6. Cover the entire face in a mixture of corn syrup and water. 

7. Add lines with edible food marker for the cracks on the egg shell.

8. Using fondant, shape a dinosaur's claw and leave it to dry out for a few hours.

8. Use water and toothpicks to attach the claw to the egg. Paint the claw with a mixture of corn syrup and water.

Cover the board with digestive biscuits (use a food processor to get a fine biscuit crumb texture), chocolate cake, fondant leaves and you're done! 

Click here to see our finished dinosaur dessert table!

Dinosaur party ideas

We hope you're inspired and ready to make your own dinosaur cake! Remember, if you'd like to get updates of our latest creations, do follow us on Instagram (@twinniefoods) or like us on Facebook 

Happy Caking! 

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