Pull apart monkey cake (Cupcake Cake) tutorial

This pull apart monkey cake is a great idea for children's parties! The kids will have tons of fun pulling the cake apart and the best part about pull apart cakes is that they are awesome cake projects for beginners! 

This design was inspired from ACup4MyCake!

Making the Tree

Tools you'll need: 

1.  Fondant Leaf and flower cutters
2. American Buttercream 
3. 1B Wilton Tip (Leaves)

3. 1M Wilton tip (Bark)

4. Green and Brown Food colouring (We used Americolour Gel Paste) 


1. Lay your cupcakes out on the board (15" x 19" fits 38 cupcakes with a 1.5" diameter) and "glue" them onto the board using buttercream. 

2. Pipe the leaves first with the 1B wilton tip, alternating between the difference shades of green. Cover any gaps in-between cupcakes as best as possible. Any remaining gaps will be covered with the fondant leaves. 

3. For the bark, pipe on straight lines and swirls using the 1M tip. 

4. Cover any remaining gaps with the fondant leaves and add the flowers and mini fondant bananas as desired.  If the fondant is sticking to the cutters, dust it with powdered sugar to make it easier to work with. 

Now that you've got the tree done, let's make those cute monkeys! 

Making monkeys' face

Tools you'll need: 

1. Circle cutters (1.5") 
2. Circle cutter (1") 
3. Circle cutter  (0.5") 
4. Edible food marker 


1. Cut out the monkey's face from dark brown fondant, using the largest 1.5" cookie cutter. Put it aside to dry. If where you live is humid, leaving it in an air con room will help speed up the process. 

2. Next, using the 1" circle cutter, cut a circle our from the lighter brown fondant. Place this circle on the lower part of the dark brown fondant with about 2 cm of the edge sticking out. With the large 1.5" circle cutter, cut off the excess so that the bottom edge of the light brown and dark brown fondant line up. 

3.  To make the ears, use the 0.5" circle cutter ( The large opening of a piping works fine too) and cut out two small circles. Place a small ball of light brown fondant on top of each circles and flatten it. Pinch one end of the ears to fold it and attach it to the monkey's face using water. 

4. For the nose, roll the dark brown fondant into an oval and attach it to the face with water. After the face and ears have hardened, use an edible marker to draw on the eyes and mouth.

*Tip: Use tylose powder to help the fondant dry harder faster!* 

 This is a super fun and cool project to do with the kids! Thanks for reading and if you've used our tips in designing  your own creation, share it with us on Facebook or Instagram (@twinniefoods) with the hash tag #twinniefoods. We'd love to see it!

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